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Rocket Yoga BBQ

The "BBQ" is the 3rd practice series with all three series poses of ashtanga. The reason? Fries/roasts muscles all over the body as Rocket 3 is a mix of Rocket 1 and 2, which means that in his practice (which is a little over two hours long), he is either inverted or bent backward. It sounds crazy, but it works. It is such an effective practice that it will make you want more. Pain is something you would even expect.

Rocket Yoga is a very dynamic and fast-paced type of yoga or a type of yang that will make you sweat profusely. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for two years or two days, Rocket Yoga is right for you. Because? One of the best qualities of rocket yoga is that the “art of modification” encourages students to modify poses to their limits. If you still can’t do a certain pose, you can modify it: microbend the knee, use a block, etc. You don’t have to assume the full expression of the pose all the time. And with its fast pace, you wouldn’t have time to do it anyway.


Next BBQ - Coming Soon!

Location: Tejas Yoga and Wellness in Chula Vista, CA

The Rocket… “it gets you there faster”.
-Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead

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