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The Misfit Yogis Mission

At Misfit Yogis, we are not mere rebels without a cause. Our name is a testament to our roots and our commitment to embracing both tradition and innovation. "Honoring the lineage" signifies our deep connection to Ashtanga yoga, while "Bending the rules" exemplifies our spirit of freedom and play, inspired by the Rocket.

Honor The Lineage

Larry Shultz, the creator of The Rocket (also known as "the bad man" of Ashtanga), was a misfit yogi before his time and an inspiration to our name.

He took the Ashtanga series (the foundation of vinyasa) and developed a new system that didn't seek to dismiss the established lineage. Instead, Rocket Yoga is founded on the fundamental principles and values of Ashtanga but is designed to be more accessible. It allows for modifications, encourages freedom of creativity, and enables exploration beyond the traditional approaches. This allows each yogi to customize the practice accordingly and cater to their needs.

Bend the Rules

While our name may imply a group of rowdy yoga practitioners, we are, in fact, disciplined and dedicated. We recognize the importance of respecting Ashtanga's roots while acknowledging the benefits of a more progressive style of practice (The Rocket).

The original misfits weren't troublemakers; they were simply outcasts who didn't conform to societal expectations and were looking for a welcoming new hOMe for their practice. The Misfit Yogis' philosophy is also not about rebelling for the sake of it. Our purpose is to build an inclusive community where all individuals are embraced and celebrated for exactly who they are.

"No misfit left behind."

Have Fun!

We bend but do not break.


We sweat, we smile, we take our practice seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.

Your attendance, consistency, flexibility, openness to trying new things, and acceptance of new misfits make this cOMmunity thrive. 

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