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Andre's Offerings


Half Primary Series: Traditionally, ashtanga students progress to the subsequent pose after mastering the previous pose in the series. Stated differently, the poses aren’t skipped if they can’t be done correctly. This class is focused on the first half of the primary series.

Full Primary Series: This class keeps the same discipline as the traditional full primary series.


Vinyasa yoga is often referred to as "Flow" and is more free-form than Ashtanga or Rocket, though many of the poses stem from these and other traditions of yoga. This flowing allows you to connect breath with movement and explore new transitions and sequences.


The Rocket 1, Rocket 2, and Rocket 3 yoga sequences follow the same poses and sequences as Ashtanga’s primary and intermediate series but at a faster pace. Another difference between Rocket and Ashtanga is that students are allowed to modify or alter traditional poses they find more challenging due to skill level, injury, or body structure.

Joining Classes

Weekly classes are held in west Chula Vista between Naples and Oxford at the Misfits Studio Space.​

Pre-register for class using the Vagaro app.

A waitlist will be enforced when classes reach capacity, and late cancellations will incur a fee.

Refer to Vagaro for the cancellation policy.

Studio Hours:

  • Doors open 20 mins before class and close 20 mins after.

  • Please arrive 10-15 mins early.

Come bend the rules with us, see you on the mat.

Doors lock 5 mins after classroom start time.

Andre is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and brings that to his teaching.
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