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Misfitiando - verb - mis·fit·ting.

Meet The Misfits


Andre Harris

E-RYT 500

Andre is the founder of The Misfit Yogis and our fearless leader!

He has an effortless and gentle way of encouraging you to test your limits and skills and helps you to bend so you don't break.

He is a master in all things Rocket, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa and loves to help students explore fun new practices like Acro and beyond!

Holly Anderson

E-RYT & Wellround Sr. Instructor

Holly has joined The Misfit Yogis team as Andre's assistant and right-hand woman.

When she's not helping students to bring balance to their practice and relieve their sore muscles with Myofascial Release, Restorative and Yin Yoga, or Meditation, you will probably find her behind a camera lens documenting all the fun or working behind the scenes to support the making of the retreat magic.


Did You Know?

Andre and Holly have been leading retreats together since 2018.

Their balance of yin and yang has not only created a beautiful blend in their offerings but has also allowed them to create an incredibly collaborative and dynamic partnership.

They are excited to share these experiences and their expertise with you as we Honor the Lineage & Bend the Rules!

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